Speaking and Hosting Services

Valuable Information. Transformational Resources. Measurable Outcomes.

Is what we strive to provide all those we encounter, including in a speaking and hosting capacity.

Your attendees will not only feel excited and be inspired by our message, they will obtain next

steps to transition from excitement about the future to securing their future.

Email us at info@making-connections.com to discuss booking for your upcoming event.

Theo Graham

The Professor is in the building!

  • Don't know your why?

  • Are you losing steam along the journey?

  • Need a boost to push you across the finish line, into completion and accomplishment?

A fresh flow of Motivation, Inspiration, and Encouragement is just what the Professor ordered.

C. Jai Graham

Passionate. Powerful. Purposeful.

  • Not sure how you fit into your own world?

  • Are you hungry to be the BEST version of yourself daily?

  • Need "Next Steps" for forward movement and progress?



The Perfecter of personalities, processes, and progress is your missing ingredient!

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Kennedy Graham

Make Each Day Your BEST!

I am the Protector of the Spirit, Soul, and Body.

It's important that kids learn early on, how to care for themselves, their mental and emotional health, as well as set goals to achieve personal success.

They will learn how to protect their spirit, soul, and body.

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