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Exclusive Services

It seems too good to be true, right?


How can we provide various services and products and be good at it?


We can because we have years of experience in various areas of personal and professional life,

formal education and continuing education, and a mandate to make ourselves available to assist

others be well-rounded as an individual, in relationships, and in life.

All of it is connected and we are here to facilitate making those connections!

Tell us about what you're working on and let's devise a plan and action steps, today!



As Business/Management Consultants, we research, plan, and advise in various areas, related to Strategy and Operations Consultancy. This includes branding and rebranding, structuring and restructuring, and performance.

We desire to develop a specific goals plan and actions steps strategy for your vision.

  • Consulting Prices start at $200 per hour, per consultant.


We offer small group coaching in the areas of personal/professional development, relationships, and pre-marital/marriage. We achieve

this through workshops, masterclasses, etc.

  • Personal/Professional Coaching Sessions: Start at $125 per session

  • Relationship Coaching Sessions: Start out at $175 per session

  • Pre-Marital Coaching Sessions: $675 for 5 sessions

  • Pre-Marital Additional Sessions: $125 per sessions

  • Marriage Coaching Sessions: $875 for 6 sessions

  • Marriage Additional Sessions: $125 per session

Working on a Laptop

Concept & Content Development

Having difficulty naming your business or organization? Want to delegate the mission/vision statement or statement of purpose to someone else? Whether you're starting from scratch, revising, or updating concepts and content, we're honored to assist with your vision.


  • Name Concept: $150

  • Logo Concept: $175

  • Name/Logo Concept: $300

  • Vision/Mission/Purpose Statement: Starting at $120 per statement

  • Revision/Update: Starting at $55 per statement


   Contact us for a custom project and quote.

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