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to retreat: withdraw to a quiet or secluded place to rest, reset, and relax; change one's decisions, plans, or attitude; an act of moving back or withdrawing. 

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Gathering of Daughters is an annual women's weekend retreat

designed to assist women in moving to the next level needed to

claim and possess their inheritance, whether spiritual and/or physical.

Women are promised an inheritance as daughters of God and are

responsible for discovering and taking advantage of what belongs

them in order to create a:

  • better self

  • better family

  • better life

  • better community

  • better world 

At the G.O.D. weekend retreat, you will experience empowering and

content and tool rich workshops, take an opportunity to refresh, reset,

and renew in areas to better equip you to take your next steps. Also enjoy

a deeper level of sisterhood with other women who are where you are.

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Location: Marywood Retreat and Conference Center
Address: 235 Marywood Dr. Fruit Cove, FL 32259


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