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I'm Working On Me

You've turned over every stone, read every book, and exhausted all your personal energy, trying to change who and what, all around you.

Now, how about we start with you? 

In this book, you are working on you. An authentic "you" cultivates authentic relationships and an authentic life. So what do you say, shall we?


"Being STRONG is being able to withstand anything that comes your way.

A person of STRENGTH refuses to accept everything that comes your way.

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Truth be told, it looks and feels like the opponent is winning at times.


During those times, it's imperative that we not allow hope to fade

and a fear-based existence to have its way with us. 


Order your book, or multiple. Give some to family and friends.

From cover to cover, let each page serve as a reminder, that

you can overcome fear and live FEARLESS.

Check out our home page to order your matching FEARLESS shirt. 

Newly Published Author

Kennedy S. Graham is an advocate for and the empowering

of kids from all walks of life to practice positive self-love,

self-talk, and self-confidence. Kennedy has discovered

the importance of and power in kids speaking well

of themselves and to themselves.

Kennedy believes that one bad moment doesn’t have to

ruin the entire day and it’s never too late to turn that bad

moment into The BEST Day Ever!


Give the gift of kind words and encouragement to

children from ages 9-19.

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We all experience what I call Defining Moments in life.

This book will help you:

  • Identify defining moments

  • Identify feelings and emotions

  • Identify thought patterns and beliefs

  • Evaluate and strategize

  • Get unstuck, create consistency, and promote forward progress

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Blessed Are You?

Live like it then!

A 31-day gratitude journal to re-center you, refocus

you and recalibrate you, so that you can honor

the greatness in daily life.

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