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ATTIRE LifeStyle Magazine

A safe, considerate, and intentional space where you, life, and style gather to

discover, cultivate, and sustain authentic expression and meaningful transformation.

This magazine is for every reader who needs knowledge, understanding and next

steps that they can implement NOW. This magazine is for the readers who need to

know that there are DOPE people who are doing DOPE things and are unlearning,

learning, unbecoming and becoming along the way.

Successfully and consistently navigating this life is not about perfection.

Practice doesn't make perfect, it makes progress.


October-December's Issue Features

October is Emotional Wellness Month. November contains National Author's Day, Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving. December is Christmas, a time of reflection and preparation for the New Year. There's so much packed in this quarterly issue that we want you to enjoy, ponder, and challenge yourself with.


Markale Graham

Jacksonville's Iconic Boss


Questions: How Many of Us Have Them?


Status & Standard:

What's Your Status?

October Markale Sheet.png


November 1:

National Author's Day


Develop and Cultivate

Your Code of Confidence


Who Are You?

By Leslie Mincey

April | June Magazine Features

9 Women who are advocates for loving on and taking care of themselves, encouraging and supporting their families, pursuing and succeeding at their professional endeavors, and being an inspiration and transparent example of being, doing, and living every day as it should. Read more about them and their keys to peace, love, and power.

Want to be a part of the team?

Want to feature a topic or series of topics that you believe our readers should be "in the know" about? Submit your articles to us and we will check it out! Please note: these are unpaid opportunities.

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