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Soul Resuscitator. Personality Authenticator.
Dream Initiator. Purpose Activator.

C. Jai Graham affirms, authenticates, and activatesShe
is a visionary, author, mentor, teacher, speaker,
entrepreneur, and so much more. 

She affirms others, authenticates who they are, and activates
them to "be" and to live authentically in every area of life.

Meet C. Jai

C. Jai is passionate, powerful, and purposeful in all that she does. Through the power of her own presence and life, she affirms, authenticates, and activates others to walk in total freedom and ownership of who they are authentically.


C. Jai is a visionary, possessing both creative and analytical ability. C. Jai unleashes others into their destiny- a life of purpose on purpose. She is a builder, connector, a launching pad, a cheerleader and supporter. She balances her kindness and empathy with a strong dose of loving truthfulness and drive to provide solutions.


Professionally, C. Jai is an author, entrepreneur, national speaker, facilitator, coach, and consultant. Through the concept and practical application of her 3-word formula for success: Evaluate. Evolve. Elevate., her overall life mission is to unveil, unlock, and unleash in everything and everyone, into their own authentic and abundant life. She keeps it loving and real with herself and others and desires to help others develop the tenacity, fortitude, and perseverance required to accomplish their life’s goals. As an educator, C. Jai is a former instructor of a private college and former teacher of all grade levels of a private school. She is currently an instructor at a vocation program, assisting 16-24 year old youth and young adults in developing a career path, learning soft skills, as well as personal growth and development.

Some of C. Jai's work and collaborations include being the former treasurer for the AnnieRuth Foundation and co-facilitating their summer internship program's monthly business seminars. She's the former co-host on Praise 107.9, and former talent acquisition lead for the My Message Matters Tour. C. Jai created a curriculum for girls 13-17 that was implemented at Pathfinders Christian Academy. She has spoken at many conferences, to youth and adults, and has hosted her own successful events and annual women's retreat.

As a content and curriculum developer, C. Jai has created mission/vision statements, handbooks, new member orientations, etc., for ministries, businesses and organizations. She has also assisted businesses with their branding and restructuring goals.

One of my favorite quotes:

"People seldom improve when they have no other model
but themselves to copy." - Oliver Goldsmith

Writing Letters

A quote someone gave as a gift and  believed described me:

"I shall pass this way but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again." - unknown

More About Me

Who I am

What I believe

What I do

I am kind, honest, and of good character and integrity. I love and value people for who they are and I honor and respect their distinct and individual gifts, talents, and abilities that serve others and assist them in fulfilling their life's purpose. I have been given the privilege of being a wife, mother, sister, friend, and contributing citizen in my community.

I believe in Authenticity, Confidence, and Fearlessness.

I believe in Peace, Love, and Power.

I believe in Truth, Freedom, and Passionate Connection.

I believe each one of us possess these attributes and we are fully

capable of expressing them as a lifestyle that brings meaning,

abundance, and fulfillment of individual and collective purpose.

Through coaching, publishing books, speaking and facilitating, conferences and the like, I assist with soul search and recovery. I assist in discovery and owning your personality and unique kind of beautiful. You have a dream and are ready to bring it to reality, I coach or consult you to that reality. Struggling to get persistent in pursuing your purpose, I activate the dormant passion within. Whether your goal is to become a more authentic version of yourself, learn self-love, care, boundaries, or an overall balance in life, I can help. Your goals could be to have a better marriage, relationships, and life. Whatever your goals are, we work together to create a blueprint, strategy, and action steps to get you there. I speak at events, have written books, and host masterclasses

and retreats to bring your soul, personality, dreams and purpose into day-to-day way of living.

I was excitedly awaiting to hear C. Jai Graham speak and she did not disappoint but awakened my spirit to search for the best in me and own it. Her session on

“The Power of Your Presence” was intriguing, edgy, and FUN!

C. Jai is a walking billboard, setting the tone to inspire others to walk in their own authentic beauty which is our Power! She’s truly an amazing woman with an extraordinary vision to support others on their journey to greatness.

The Gathering of Daughters Retreat, C. Jai hosted this year was the epitome

of who she is: Brilliance, Balance, and Beauty. Well Done!


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